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    London is a fast moving city just waiting to be explored. Home to seven and a half million people, the capital of England has been called “the world in one city” and although immigrants continue to flow and contribute their energy and cultures to the capital’s melting-pot, London is quintessentially British.
    From the boxy black cabs to the double-decker buses and Brit telephone  booths London is stacked with grand symbols of Britain. Never a planned city, London presents a jumble of architectural styles:
    from the Palace of Westminster, a Victorian neo-gothic structure, home to Big Ben and the mother of all parliaments to the Tower of London,  a uniquely preserved medieval castle that began construction in 1078
    and Southwark Cathedral, a church that has been a place of worship for over a thousand years, historical buildings now compete with modern equivalents such as City Hall the shell-shaped building built in 2002, and the London Eye,a 135 meters tall ferris wheel offering a 360 degree view of the city.
    looking to shop? Chelsea Oxford Street in Soho and Carnaby Street offer the latest in fashion and lifestyle. Take a stroll in Borough market located beneath the railway Viaduct between Borough High Street and River Thames, the market is at its bustling best on Saturday with stalls and vendors offering fresh free range organic produce and specialty takeaway foods.
    For a peek at British royalty, stop by Buckingham Palace completed in 1850. It has been the official London residence of the British monarch since 1913.

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    Je suis une lectrice plutôt discrète mais aujourd'hui je voulais te féliciter pour ton site.
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